5pc MDF Doors

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We have been manufacturing 5pc MDF doors since 2010.  There are a lot of benefits to a 5pc MDF door over a one piece MDF door.  So let's get started.

  • The first thing you will notice is that our 5pc MDF doors match all of our solid wood doors 100%.  So you know that they will match your solid doors when working with a project that requires paint and stain.
  • Since we have all the parts machined separately, we are able to fully sand all of the inside frame and panel profiles before assembly.  This ensures that your 5pc MDF door is as ready for paint as it can be, eliminating hours of sanding on your end.
  • No rounded inside corners.  
  • 5pc MDF doors warp far less than a one piece MDF door.   This is because we remove that same amount of material from both sides or the door.  Where a one piece shaker MDF door has all its panel material removed off one side which cause the door to cup.
  • Our joints on the face of the frame are seamless.  That comes from careful assembly and a perfect tolerance with the machining of the frames.  We make sure that we have a precise .2mm glue gab which allows the MDF to expand with the glue and creates that perfect joint.
  • Since MDF is a very stable engineered material, you won't see your paint cracking on the door over a couple years like you would with a painted solid door.
  • A 5pc MDF door will be your solution for jobs in seasonal homes or ones with minimal climate control.

Give us a call to discuss in more detail on the pros and cons of a 5pc MDF door.